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Dave AA6YQ

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On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 05:20 PM, wb6bee wrote:

Instead of letting Launcher load the before, DXL and after programs automatically, I loaded them manually, one at a time watching CPU consumption on Launcher.   It always came to Zero.

One of the programs is Alex's CW Skimmer.   I started CW Skimmer and Launcher went to 1.5 % cpu consumption.   I stopped CW skimmer (not terminated, just stopped it) and Launcher CPU went to 0%.    Cycled that a few times and that is the issue.    

Not sure why Launcher wants to do something when CW Skimmer is running

To complete the test, instead of using Launcher to start CW Skimmer, I just started from the EXE program.   

Without using Launcher to start CW skimmer, Launcher sets at 0 % CPU, even with CW skimmer running.   

Something about using launcher to start CW skimmer, when CW skimmer is running, Launcher is consuming

+ When directed to Launch a non-DXLab application, the Launcher directs Windows to start it; that's all the processing the Launcher does. There is no post-start monitoring or any other activity.

+ When I configure the Launcher to start CW Skimmer, the Windows 7 Task Manager shows the Launcher's CPU consumption to be 0.

+ Try rebooting Windows into "Safe mode with networking"; does the Launcher still consume CPU time after starting CW SKimmer?


             Dave, AA6YQ



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