Pathfinder does not auto log into my QRZ account.

The name and password are correct. Both "Atuomatic login" and "Warn if not logged in" are checked.

When I click on the "Login" button from the Configuration window the QRZ web page opens then closes.

I get a second window entitled "QRZ.COM Login" with the statement "not loggged-in to".

Is there anything that needs to be done?
Does Commander need to be running?

Normally I just run DXKeeper, DXView and now I am trying Pathfinder.

I am not into DX, I dont have a rotating beam and only work with 100 watts on voice and 30 watts on digital. My antennas are a Butternut HF6V and a 130 foot end fed.

Tim - N8NEU
DMR ID 3158619

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