logging and submitting Field Day logs with DXLab

Dave AA6YQ

Here's the response to my "how should Field Day Logs be submitted?" query received from ARRL Contest Program Manager Paul N1SFE:

For the dupe sheet, it can be a scan of a paper document, an excel spreadsheet, csv file, or anything that shows that some effort
was used to avoid dupes. We do not process the documents in anyway, as Field Day is a non-adjudicated operating event. Complete
station logs are NOT required, but we do accept Cabrillo output from logging programs, if they do active dupe checking, it will
satisfy the requirements in lieu of a paper or electronic dupe sheet.

Cabrillo logs are not processed, so no header or any information in the log is used. We want something submitted that shows the
operators at least made a good effort to avoid working and counting dupes.

8.6. Complete station logs are NOT required for submission, and ARRL does not use the logs. The club should maintain log files for
one year in case they are requested by ARRL HQ. However, a list of stations worked sorted by band and mode (dupe sheet) is

8.7. Cabrillo format log files are NOT required for Field Day entries, but they will be accepted in lieu of the dupe sheets (but do
not constitute an entry unless the web app (or a corresponding summary sheet with complete mailed entry) is also submitted.

A recommended approach to logging and submitting Field Day QSOs consistent with Paul's "no duplicates" requirement is here:



Dave, AA6YQ

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