Re: DXKeeper and clearning QSL Sent from "R"


This could be an ARRL DXCC desk or LotW problem.

Try the following.

On DXKeeper, Log QSOs tab do the following:

On the bottom line of the window; Click the UTC button, then click the Date box.  This will get all your QSOs in Date and Time order.  In my case this is 9063 QSOs.

Then click the LotW box.  Some subset of your QSOs will be displayed.  In my case this is 30 QSOs and all those QSOs have are marked U for LotW sent.  Furthermore, the majority of those 30 of those QSOs have been VERIFIED by CARD. 



Now log on to LotW in a browser window.  Navigate in LotW to “Your QSOs.”  An outlined box labeled Select QSOs to List will appear.

Choose one-at-a-time some of those Call Signs that are displayed in DXKeeper and enter that call sign into the LotW Your QSOs “Call sign worked” box.


In my case for the majority of my 30 QSOs there will appear two (2) LotW QSO entries for that QSO single QSO in my DXKeeper log book.

One of those two QSOs will have Hour, Minute, and Second and the frequency of the QSO that matches my DXKeeper log book and the second QSO will have only the Hour and Minute of the QSO and NO QSO frequency (Just the band).


My supposition is that I submitted those 30 QSOs via the LotW Online DXCC application process.  And, the ARRL on-line process for submitting Cards process truncated the seconds and did not enter the frequency of the QSO and the earlier QSO (no seconds) was marked as uploaded in the LotW records.  But this leaves the ARRL LotW thinking the QSO was uploaded but leaves your DXLab log book hanging because the phantom ARRL created QSO in LotW isn’t in your DXKeeper log book.


I have and still do upload all my QSOs to LotW.


Dave, AA6YQ, I can send you screen shots of the above sequences if you desire.



Dave, W6DE


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Sent: 12 June, 2020 20:02
Subject: Re: [DXLab] DXKeeper and clearning QSL Sent from "R"


Aw, damn.  I just checked by clicking "Add Requested" and there are still about 140 Q's that are coming up.  These are mostly from 2013.  I tried uploading them to LoTW, in the hope that these were not duplicates but LoTW says that they are dupes.

So, some of the Q's were resolved but for some reason, there are still some (140) that sem to be enteres on LoTW but aren't confirmed as such in DXk.

Thanks again.  It's better.

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