Re: DXKeeper and clearning QSL Sent from "R"

Steve Wedge

I appreciate that this is very complex software.  I could never creat anything like this to deal with submissions.  That is why I preface everything with "what did I do wrong?" -- because there are so many decision paths to be made.  

I am nearly at the point where I'm ready to submit LoTW QSO's for DXCC credit but there are still some QSO's that are out in limbo.  Some of this may be the fault of another software vendor but I'd like to get everything on the level.  I believe that I had everything sorted out 10 years ago when I went to DXLab.  Now that I'm getting more time to work with this, I need to find out where the discrepancies are and how to get them onto LoTW.  

I am almost there.  The cards discrepancy will sort itself out, eventually, since I'll likely change those values to "already done" or whatever, to clear them.  LoTW is different, in that it should agree with what I have in my log.

Thanks to all who work on this.  Like I've said before, to me it's an art that I don't understand.


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