Re: DXView Configuration question

David Reed

Thank you sir!

On 6/10/2020 15:04, iain macdonnell - N6ML wrote:
On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 7:45 AM David Reed <w5sv.dave@...> wrote:
In DXView Configuration, Plot Settings tab, I note in the Log sub-panel
that below the DXCC Entities button, there is a blue "User mode: PSK"

I am not currently using PSK, and wonder how I set this, and what is it
telling me.
It's a property of your log, not a DXView Configuration item. Your
"User-specified digital mode family" is selected on the Awards tab of
DXKeeper configuration, in the "DXCC Bands & Modes" panel.

In the past, the DXLab Suite included realtime award tracking for PSK,
in addition the DXCC mode-based awards. A recent update introduced the
option to select an alternative "digital mode family" (e.g. FT8).


~iain / N6ML

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