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From: Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...>
Date: 6/9/20 17:02 (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [DXLab] Use Of Commander

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Dave, you got my post all wrong. You instructed me a few days ago to stop using FLRig (with its many radio control buttons) and
start using Commander. This I have done.
Then this post came up with discussion of making parameters to allow Commander to control the radio.

+ By "making parameters to allow Commander to control the radio", do you mean "defining buttons and sliders that when activated send
CAT commands to your transceiver", as described in the reference documentation here:


+ ?

XX Yes sir that is what I mean.

+ If so, what make and model transceiver are you using?

XX My radio is an IC7200

+ Many Command Sequence definitions and Slider definitions have been uploaded to this group's Files area

+ These can be downloaded and used directly, or modified to suit your needs, as described in


+ and


+ Creating or modifying a Command Sequence or Slider generally requires understanding your transceiver's CAT commands; if you've
already done this for FLRig, the knowledge you gained in that experience will be applicable to defining similar capabilities in
Commander. Many users here have defined Command Sequences and Sliders for their transceivers, and will be happy to answer questions
about the process.

XX I did not create any "defining buttons" for the FLRig that I was using. They were already written. I just had to pick my radio from a drop down window.

XX I will start researching on the DXLab Groups website.


                 Dave, AA6YQ

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