Fldig's PSK31 and DXKeeper Logging


I will be working digital mode during Field Day 2020 from my QTH. This will be my first Field Day digital mode effort. And I hope to gather many points for my radio club.

I have used Fldigiā€™s PSK31 a few times just enough to understand the process. How do I get the contact information logged into DXKeeper? Do I used the process of clicking on a call sign, looking up the information by clicking on the QRZ (world) Icon, then clicking on the Save Icon?

Or do I use a MACRO to log the contact and increase to the next logging number? How is this sent to DXKeeper? Or is the logging just kept in Fldigi's own .adi
file database and needs uploaded into DXKeeper separately?

Thank you for any help in this matter.

N8NEU - Tim

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