Re: SpotCollector spot source window will not stay hidden


On 05/06/2020 14:01, g4wjs wrote:
On 05/06/2020 13:59, g4wjs wrote:
It is my outgoing spot source and seems to be otherwise behaving normally.

I'll take that back, looking back at SpotCollector history I don't see any entries with that source as the "Network".

I have just disabled all other sources and can confirm spots are not being taken from this source, here's a session print:

This is the GB7MBC DXCluster system using DXSpider software

If you are getting echo and you don't want it, do: unset/echo

or (if you are a Microsoft telnet user) disable 'local echoing'.


!           Warning: Computer Misuse Act (1990) UK applies            !

! This system may only be accessed by Radio Amateurs using their real !

!  callsigns and in accordance with their jurisdiction's licensing    !

!      conditions. All connections to this system are recorded.       !


login: G4WJS
Hello Bill, this is GB7MBC in Morecambe, Lancashire
running DXSpider V1.57 build 251
Nodes: 13/418 Clr - Users: 232/4812 Clr Max: 299/6042 Clr - Uptime: 4 06:24
DX de K7CF:       7005.0  JA4XW                                       1304Z
DX de F4HZR:      7144.0  DL3JJ/P      WCA DL-00240                   1304Z
DX de HF0WFF:    14134.0  SP5UUD/P     SPFF-1722 PGA-SU08             1305Z
DX de W6XI:      50060.9  W5EME/B      EM32><>DM42                    1305Z DM42
DX de PA2PKZ:    28015.0  PI75ZUT      CW                             1305Z
DX de K7CF:       7005.0  JR1CEP                                      1306Z
DX de LA7EIA:    28074.0  UA3DLL       JO59CR<ES>KO85                 1306Z
DX de M0KED:      7118.0  GB2DD        D Day SES                      1306Z
DX de YO3GSK:    28074.5  UR9QT        FT8                            1307Z KN34
DX de W6XI:      50061.5  W5EME/B      EM32<>DM42 FREQ CORR.          1307Z DM42

SpotCollector is also reconnecting periodically, I assume because it thinks it's not working.

My initial command is:


which is working on other sources.




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