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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I'm Larry, K0IS, from LeClaire, IA. First licensed as WN0ODK, became WA0ODK, and in 1978 passed my extra and became K0IS. Operate
mostly CW, recently applied for my 5BDXCC all CW and have six meter WAS, both with no more than 100 watts in the shack.

+ Welcome to DXLab, Larry!

So now I've decided to jump into the FT8 fray and I'm really enjoying it. I've recently downloaded JT Alert to bring WSJT-X and DX
Labs DX Keeper together. I know my QSO's are going to LOTW because after every FT8 QSO using WSJT-X when I "Log" the contact I get
first of all a pair of script errors which I ignore for now

+ Let's not ignore them. What is the text of these "script errors"?

, but a pop up requires me to sign in to LOTW with my password after every QSO. This while the next station may be calling me
already but I can't see the screen because the pop up telling me to sign in to LOTW is blocking the view. This has to stop, HI HI.

+ Evidently, you have password-protected your LoTW "Callsign Certificate". This is only necessary if your computer is not under your
physical control which from your description above doesn't sound like is the case. To remove the password protection that is
requiring you to unlock your "Callsign Certificate" so that each logged QSO can be uploaded, see these step-by-step instructions:



Dave, AA6YQ

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