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Steve K8JQ


No DXCC entity in my ADIF files, at least not for the CWT operating events which is where I ran into the KG4 issue. FYI, I export the "generic" file from N1MMLogger+ as a text file, import that into Excel which makes the ADIF for import into DXKeeper.

Here is an ADIF record for one of the call signs in question:
<qso_date:8:d>20200227    <time_on:4>0327    <call:6>KG4CRJ    <name:5>BRIAN    <Freq:6>3.5487    <band:3>80m    <mode:2>CW    <tx_pwr:4>1000    <contest_id:9>CWOPS-CWT    <eor>

The Main window's Import QSOs tab's Option's is set to "Deduce missing items from entity . . . "

Steve, K8JQ

On 6/1/2020 8:20 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

How can I configure DXKeeper to log KG4 prefix stations as United States and not Guantánamo Bay? The QSOs usually come from domestic contests in which I use N1MMLogger+. I import the QSOs via an ADIF file into DXKeeper.

+ If a record in an imported ADIF file specifies a QSO's DXCC entity, DXKeeper will accept the specified  entity.

+ Please post an ADIF record for a KG4 callsign that you imported into DXKeeper.

+ If a record in an imported ADIF file does not specify a QSO's DXCC entity, then DXKeeper will attempt to deduce it, as directed by the options you've specified in the upper-left corner of the Main window's "Import QSOs" tab.

+ In the absence of an override, DXCC database entry, or callbook entry, KG4 callsigns with 2-letter suffixes are considered to be in Guantanamo. The FCC does not issue KG4 callsigns with 2-letter suffixes to stations that aren't in Guantanamo.


           Dave, AA6YQ

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