Sync LotW QSLs operation

Steve GW4BKG

For some years I have used DXKeeper as a reference log but have now moved my whole operation over to DXLabs.
As a. result I had to perform an "Update from LOTW” operation on the whole of my log - some 100k QSOs.
This went smoothly and I have subsequently performed two “Upload to LOTW” operations again without problem.
However when I come to perform the “Sync LotW QSLs” I run into difficulties.
I get an “attempting to access LOTW” message with a countdown clock which only gets as far as 58 seconds and then the system indicates “not responding” .
If I click the abort button the same message appears.
I have tried this during quiet LOTW times with the same response.
I have tried the same function with a date filter in equal to my last LOTW upload but then get a message “unable to download from LOTW - invalid request”
I guess I may be doing something wrong and would appreciate some guidance.

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