Re: Flip from Y to V ... ?

Dave AA6YQ

* more AA6YQ comments below

+ If you used DXKeeper's VUCC Submission Generator to identify the QSO submitted for VUCC Credit, then clicking the "Verify Submission" button will update all of those QSOs to reflect their having been granted VUCC award credit:


I did not. All LOTW, none of that paper stuff.

* You evidently misunderstand, Peter: DXKeeper's VUCC Submission Generator can produce a submission based on LoTW confirmations.

+ Otherwise,

1. filter the Log Page Display with the SQL expression

(Band='6m') and (APP_DXKEEPER_LOTWConfirmation Like '*G*')

2. in the Main window's QSL tab,

2a. set the "QSL Via" panel to LoTW

2b. click the "Update from LoTW" button

+ Notes

a. depending upon the number of QSOs in the Log Page Display after
step 1, step 2.b could take awhile

b. this procedure will only update QSOs confirmed via LoTW; any QSOs
confirmed via QSL card will not be updated to reflect VUCC award

Taking awhile, as advertised. Almost all the "overwrites" are gridsquares off by one character in the 6th position.

* I should have reminded you to appropriately set the "Handling of LoTW QSL detail inconsistencies" panel on the "QSL Configuration" window's LoTW tab before initiating the "Update from LoTW" function.

For example, about to accept an overwrite of EM37ec with EN37ed - too many for this to be a coincidence. If there is a 6-char Maidenhead there, it's because it was pulled from QRZ via Pathfinder OR put there by DXKeeper which insists that a station in, say, EM15 must really be in EM15mm (used to be EM15aa).

* That's false. You can log a QSO with a grid square of EM15. Try it.


Dave, AA6YQ

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