Re: Setting up HDSDR and CW skinner

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

However, there seems to be some inconsistence

'Configure HDSDR to output IF audio for CW Skimmer

a. Click Options [F7]

i. Select IF as I (Left) /Q (Right)

b. Click Soundcard [F5]

i. in RX output (to Speaker) select CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)'

a.i I assume that is in F7/output channel mode sub menu (where IF as I(Left)/Q(right) option appears

b.i when i press F5. I do not see 'CABLE Input' option. I have the following three choices Using HDSDR without audio output Microsoft Soundmapper
O: Speaker/HP (realtek high def... This is my built in speaker _._,_._,_ ________________________________

+ I assume that you are referring to this article:


+ a. your assumption should be easy to confirm as being correct or not

+ b. I'm guessing, but you may need Virtual Audio Cable software installed in order to have that choice for audio output. Perhaps the HDSDR documentation provides the necessary information.

+ Also keep in mind that applications like HDSDR and CWSkimmer are not static; new versions may introduce new options, or relocate existing options.


Dave, AA6YQ

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