A Commander Slider Question ...

Mike Flowers

Hi Folks,


More out of curiosity than actual need, I wondered if I could use Commander sliders to send commands to the P3 Panadapter attached to my K3.


Sure enough, I was able to adjust the Reference Level of the P3’s display using a slider with the command:  'MN255;#REF-<D3>;


Continuing, I wondered if I could implement a slider to control the Span of the P3’s display.   This slider would have to implement the 'MN255;#SPN<D3>; command where D3 would be incremented from a low range of 000020 to an upper range of 002000 in increments of 100.  


The P3 Programmers Guide gives the #SPN command as:

#SPN (Span; GET/SET)

SET/RSP format: #SPNxxxxxx; where xxxxxx is 000020-002000, the span in 100-Hz units. Example:

#SPN000500; sets the span to 50 kHz.


Apparently, the slider function truncates leading zeros and limits the value of <D3> to three digits.


Is this a span (bridge) too far for a slider to control?


All suggestions – including ‘give it up’ – gratefully accepted.


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary


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