Re: assuming LoTW confirmations "count" for IOTA might not be a good idea

Dave AA6YQ

* more AA6YQ comments below

those requirements may be enough for IOTA to consider a QSL as a confirmation but I'm not sure just those attributes will be enough for an accepted IOTA confirmation. For example their requirements for paper cards are much stricter in that the IOTA reference must be printed on the original card, i.e. writing it on afterwards is not acceptable, the information must be provided by the DX station. See . I would be surprised if LoTW matches would be acceptable without an IOTA reference from the DX station.

+ DXLab's realtime award tracking for IOTA requires each QSO to specify an IOTA tag. The question is whether IOTA will require your QSO partner to have specified an IOTA tag in the "Station Location" used to submit your QSO.
that does seem to be unconfirmed so far but I'll bet that is exactly what they will require. They are very strict on that with paper QSLs and I doubt that will change. Is all too common for island stations not to include their IOTA reference on QSLs and I have no doubt many also do not include it in their LoTW Station Locations. A similar situation exists for a great deal of US stations who do not specify their grid square on QSLs which makes them invalid for European grid based awards, particularly for hard earned contacts on 6m.

* The good news is that it's relatively easy to send an email message to a QSO partner asking them to more fully (or accurately) populate a "Station Location" and resubmit your QSO to LoTW. I've had success with this on several occasions.

* The dark side of this capability is that a user can resubmit QSOs with a "Station Location" that contains inaccurate location information, depriving you of a grid or state confirmation that you previously possessed.


Dave, AA6YQ

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