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Hi Dave

Ok thanks, I didn't know about the default ADIF value, will see what they have to say to that.


Herman / PA3BFH

Op 21-5-2020 om 22:55 schreef Dave AA6YQ:

+ AA6YQ comments below

What I need is the option "N" in the QSL rcvd Box...
It is available in the QSL sent box, but for what I want to do the QDure system triggers on the QSL rcvd Box.
QSL rcvd = Y means you have received an incoming QSL and you want to answer: "tks QSL" on the card, QSL rcvd = N means no QSL received, so you're requesting one: "pse QSL".. This is what I need, but not p[ossible (?).

And in the advanced sorts, filters & modifiers, Modify QSOs in Log Page Display, Item name QSL_Rcvd/Item new value options available are R,Y,S,V,I and X, so no "N" and also not possible to add the "N" in the blank spot...

I sent the original batch with QSL_sent as "R"equested, but QDure wants an upload as above.

Any ideas??

+ ADIF specifies that the default value for QSL_RCVD is 'N':


+ As stated in


"A Field can specify a Default Value to be assumed when that Field is not specified in a QSO record, or when a Data-Specifier for that Field contains no data."

+ Thus I suggest that you contact QDure and ask them to correctly implement the ADIF specification for QSL_Rcvd.


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