Re: URE QDure paper QSL System

Herman / PA3BFH

Hi Carl,

Yes I know, but....

What I need is the option "N" in the QSL rcvd Box...
It is available in the QSL sent box, but for what I want to do the QDure system triggers on the QSL rcvd Box.
QSL rcvd = Y means you have received an incoming QSL and you want to answer: "tks QSL" on the card,
QSL rcvd = N means no QSL received, so you're requesting one: "pse QSL".. This is what I need, but not
p[ossible (?).

And in the advanced sorts, filters & modifiers, Modify QSOs in Log Page Display, Item name QSL_Rcvd/Item new value options available are R,Y,S,V,I and X, so no "N" and also not possible to add the "N" in the blank spot...

I sent the original batch with QSL_sent as "R"equested, but QDure wants an upload as above..

Any ideas??


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Onderwerp: Re: [DXLab] URE QDure paper QSL System
Datum: Thu, 21 May 2020 09:01:58 -0700
Van: Carl - WC4H via <wc4h.dx@...>

Hi Herman.

If you click on  the QSL check box on the upper right of the Log QSOs tab, it will open the display of the QSL panel on the left side. You will see "sent" and "rcvd" dropdown boxes there.  You can select the Y among other values.

You can also do a mass change if you desire.

Carl - WC4H

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