URE QDure paper QSL System

Herman / PA3BFH

Hi Dave (All),

Since GlobalQSL seems to have stopped working I'm checking other QSL services.

The QDure sytem by the Spanish club URE (https://qsl.ure.es/en/) is one of these.

I sent a batch in and noticed the item PSE QSL/TKS QSL was not working, and I had to manually tick the box for PSE QSL.... (76 times ough...)

Checking with URE they informed me an adif field <QSL_RCVD:1>Y for TKS QSL and a field ,QSL_RCVD:1>N for PSE QSL is expected...

Well none of the QSLs received in DXKeeper was marked as "N"....

I can't find this option in DXKeeper, is it possible to add??

Or do I need new glasses??

Tks / 73,

Herman van den Berg / PA3BFH
Hoofdweg 132
1433 JX kudelstaart
Tel 0297 322011

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