Integrating "Commander" program in a Batch file

Bernard Wehrli

Hello all

I wanted to incorporate Commander program together with other programs in a Batch file to start up my Station control. But it constantly failed. A message came, that it can't find Commander program.

I finally found out, that it has to do with the Space in the Program name “CI-V Commander.exe”. The Bach program stopes processing after the Space.  

I tried various workarounds, like eliminating the Space or insertig "Underline" instead of the Space. but all my trials failed. The batch file always stopped running when it came to the Commander startup sequence. 

I then changed the program name to a name without space, and then it worked.
So the problem is solved with this worrkaround. But it has a significant disadvantage: I can't upgrade the commander with the Launcher anymore, as the program name is now different from the original standard porgram name.

Does somebody know a better way to solve the problem? 

BTW: The Commander is an excellent tool, to synchronize different Tranceivers with an external remote receiver and for adjusting all settings of PA and Tuner after QSY. Thanks to Dave for providing this excellent program to us Radio Amateurs.

 73 de Bernard, HB9ALH

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