Need assistance with setup at new QTH

Tad Danley

Hello, I used DXLab suite extensively for operating, logging and LoTW integration a few years ago, and need help getting set up at a new QTH on the existing PC.  I upgraded everything via Launcher, and now have the various programs on the latest versions.  I have two issues I need help with please –


Changing my Grid Square location in the logger -

This is an issue I discovered shortly after I moved from EM10 to FM05 after I uploaded some 6 meter contacts made in FM05.  These contacts are being added to my old VUCC totals for EM10 instead of reflecting I made them from FM05 - even though under Station Location in DXKeeper QSL tab I have K3TD NC selected for location.  I must have missed steps in setting up my NC location for VUCC, etc.?


New TQSL release v2.5.3 is available -

When I open DXKeeper I get a prompt that TQSL v2.5.3 is available.  I click on Run TQSL, then Help and Check for Updates, then OK to install the new version, then OK for the windows installer.  Then under the QSL tab I click Sync LoTW QSLs.  The update seems to take place normally and I get the results including any new QSLs – but I continue to get prompts that a new version of TQSL (2.5.3) is available? 


Thanks in advance for the help, and 73,


Tad Danley, K3TD


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