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Dave AA6YQ

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I have been using DXLab for a short time now and am quite happy with it's performance. I have downloaded some of the command sequence and slider functions and all are working as advertised.

What I would like is a "Tune" button. I do not use the TS2K internal tuner but use an external HF Auto tuner instead. It would be nice if a sequence button could be programmed to switch mode to CW, drop power to 10 watts, then key the radio for the HF AUTO to go through its tune cycle. Once the tuner is happy, the operator can then click the button to unkey the radio. To me it sounds simple enough but, I am in no way a programmer and would not have any idea where to begin to try and program something like this. In fact, I'm not sure it can even be done.

If anyone has some insight on this, I sure would like some guidance regarding this subject. Many thanks in advance...

+ There are ~20 user-provided command sequences and sliders for the TS-2000 here:


+ See


+ I suggest that you start with the sequence that toggles that TS-2000's pre-amp on and off:


+ Examine the documentation for the PA CAT command on page 131 of your TS-2000 Instruction Manual. When you understand, how this command sequence works, review the documentation for the PC CAT command, and alter the sequence to toggle the output power between 100 watts and 10 watts. Then review the CAT documentation for the MD CAT command, and for the RX and TX CAT commands. By gradually adding functionality to your sequence as you understand the available CAT commands, you'll accomplish your objective.


Dave, AA6YQ

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