Re: Back-up Log File Names - How to simplify


On 24/04/2020 17:51, Gary Smetana wrote:
Hi Dave & the Group,

Request for help:  Re-name Back-up files of the DXkeeper log.

My latest Back-up Log file, created automatically (when I closed the App. last night) @ 1:48::04 UTC is:           

                  W1EBM jan 30 2020_2020-01-31_02-34-51_2020-04-15_01-09-12_2020-04-24_01-48-04

And I  created a new Back-up, a few moments ago, @  16:33::40 UTC:

                 W1EBM jan 30 2020_2020-01-31_02-34-51_2020-04-15_01-09-12_2020-04-24_16-33-40

These names seem overly long & complex, with multiple dates & times.

Can future Back-up files be automatically named something simpler, like:     W1EBM <date & time of the back-up> ?

What is the procedure for simplifying the name of future Back-up Files ?

Thanks & 73,
Gary  W1EBM

Hi Gary,

it looks like you have chosen to open a log backup as your main DXKeeper log some time in the past. If you intend to substitute a log backup, perhaps because of an unrecoverable issue with your current log, then you should copy and rename the backup to <callsign>.MDB before selecting it as your current log in DXKeeper.

The backup file names are created by adding date and time information to the current log file name.





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