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Mike Flowers

LotW has over 10,000 logs in the queue and is running over 7 hours behind …


Where they got 10,000 logs to process is beyond me.   Based on years as an Oracle DBA, I suspect there’s a bunch of reprocessing going on.   On the plus side, I got a 15m SSB confirmation from Z81D from 2013 …


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From: <> On Behalf Of Gilbert Baron W0MN
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2020 13:19
Subject: [DXLab] LoTW Status


Is it just me or are they having a problem at LoTW?

The status that would show in DXKeeper


status of upload to LotW

  • (blank)       - this QSO has not yet been uploaded to LotW
  • R (requested) - this QSO should be uploaded to LotW
  • U (uploaded)  - this QSO has been uploaded to LotW
  • Y (yes)       - this QSO has been uploaded and accepted by LotW
  • N (no)        - this QSO should not be uploaded to LotW
  • I (ignore)    - this QSO should not be uploaded to LotW

I Show sent U and rcvd R for all contacts after 19 April but I cannot see them on LoTW website in a listing of My Latest QSOes.  For pre 20Apr I show a sent Y and rcvd R or Y for any after 20 Apr.


Do I have a misconfigure suddenly or is it LotW. I got email from them that he did not see the 24 Apr upload either but as nearly as I can tell DXKeeper did the job and I did see the message about waiting for Tqsl when I logged them.





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