Re: DXK Progress Bars for SYNC QSO & QSL

Mike Flowers

I had the same issue once, and discovered that the dialogue box had become minimized somewhere on my desktop.


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary


From: <> On Behalf Of K9MK
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2020 10:27
Subject: [DXLab] DXK Progress Bars for SYNC QSO & QSL




    I recently noticed that the progress bar that I used to spy when performing a "SYNC LoTW QSO" and "SYNC LoTW QSL" in the DXK QSL tab has dissapeared or shall I say no longer appears.


   I sometimes see a summary text result in the QSL TAB for SYNC QSO's spaces, and I still get the pop up page sumamry when I do a SYNC QSL.


   I recently had a W10 push so I'm wondering if it goobered something up or was the progress bar eliminated.


Thank you.


73  Mike K9MK


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