QSL Label Help

Al Bailey (K8SIX)

I am finally to the point I need to send out a hand full of cards and could use a little assistance from one of you that use a Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo.


First issue is if I setup the font to print larger than 7 the data is to large for the box it goes into. Is there a means to change the size of the box/field? Also I am using single label which does indeed print but would like to shift it to the right to center it on the label. I see in the print preview it has the margins but I don’t see any means of changing that in the single label configuration.


The next thing I’d like to find out is it possible to have it print a JPG with the QSL data? This may be a stretch. I usually print either a IOTA or GRID jpg on the card. I realize what I could do is preprint the two symbols on a roll of labels, reload them and then print the qsl data on them but was hoping for a different work around? I am attaching a jpg of one I used in the past. That was done however with the Dymo software which can bring JPG’s in.



Thanks in advance and 73 de K8SIX






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