Re: AA1QD Log - Having Trouble with DXK QSL Tab Add Needed Function

Dave AA6YQ

Thanks for sending me your log and screen shot.

The first 3 QSOs on your list all have the same characteristics:

1. their IOTA tag is unconfirmed

2. their "QSL Sent" items are set to 'Y' (meaning "QSL card has been sent")

3. their "QSL Rcvd" items are blank (meaning "QSL card not confirmed and not requested").

It's the "QSL card not requested" status that is causing the "Add Needed" function to add these QSOs to the QSL Queue.

If you have in fact requested confirmations for these QSOs, then set their "QSL Rcvd" items to 'R'.


Dave, AA6YQ

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