Updating DXKeeper to match ARRL DXCC

Pete Smith

A couple of days ago, I uploaded almost 900 LOTW credits to DXCC, and this morning I checked on the LOTW web page, and all of these credits have been recorded on my DXCC account; I have zero pending.  So I ran a DXCC Verification Discrepancies Report, and it shows a huge number of discrepancies between the log status and ARRL status. 

I ran a DXCC Progress Report, and it still appears to show band, mode and mixed numbers from before I submitted all those LOTW QSOs.  Question is, how do I tell DXKeeper to accept the ARRL's DXCC status in the corresponding DXK log entries for everything in the discrepancies report.

73, Pete N4ZR
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