CQ Marathon Progress Report

Julio Peralta

Today I worked a station I needed for CQ Marathon. I wasn’t 100% sure it was a completed contact because of QRM. I logged the contact and placed an H in the Country Risk block in DXKeeper. Then uploaded the Q to LOTW.


About an hour later I received a LOTW conformation for that Q and now both blocks are showing Y’s. I then did a CQ Marathon Progress Report and find that the QSO for that call and country are still showing H even though conformation for the entry is showing Y.


I also note that in the High Risk CQ Country section of the report the total for countries has not dropped back by one unit.


Shouldn’t the high Risk Country Total have been reduced by one when the conformation was received via LOTW?


BTW I did a recompute for both DXK and SC. No change in the report.


Julio, W4HY

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