Re: DXKeeper Update Failure

Joe Subich, W4TV


You will need to repeat the first half twice - once to remove
Commander from quarantine and a second time to remove DXKeeper
from quarantine. The second half (excluding the entire DXLab
directory tree) should protect DXLab Suite from further attacks
by Defender.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-04-10 10:09 PM, Scott wrote:
Dave, thank you for the quick reply. This is where I'm totally lost. I use Windows Defender. I have looked and all DXLabs apps are allowed, and have been that way. I have no idea where to go next
1. configure your anti-malware application to consider the DXLab application to be "safe"; otherwise, your anti-malware application may delete the re-created file
Can you or someone tell me more specifically how I do this above step? It's Win10. Is Windows Defender the same as the anti-malware application?

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