DXKeeper Update Failure


I attempted to update my DXKeeper and the other programs that needed updated through the Launcher. I was given a warning to close DXKeeper before attempting to upgrade, so I closed it. When I attempted to upgrade I got a message file C:\DXLab\DXKeeper.exe does not exist. Sure enough it was not there. There was the DXKeeper1537 in the folder so I opened it successfully. It included my entire logbook, includingsome QSO's I made this evening in FT4 and FT8, so I immediately did a backup of my logbook. I have no idea where the DXKeeper.exe file went, so I copied the DXKeeper1537 and renamed the copy to DXKeeper.exe, however it still will not launch from the launcher, and I am not able to update to the new version. I'm not sure what to do next besides manually opening the DXKeeper1537 version. 

Any assistance would be appreciated.

73 Scott

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