Max Origin DX

Scott Stembaugh

I am attempting to set the Max Origin DX for 6M.

The document says:
If you type a distance into a band's Max origin DX textbox,  the band's Enable box will be disabled. After completing the entry or modification of this distance, check the band's Enable box; only Spot Database Entries on this band whose distance to the closest spotting station is equal to or less than the specified Max origin DX will be visible in the Spot Database Display. To temporarily disable "maximum distance to closest spotting station" filtering for all bands, check the Ignore panel's Max origin DX box. 

Actually if you attempt to enter a distance you get a popup saying to disable, enter, re-enable.

When I have distance put in there (currently 25 for testing purposes)I still get spots from  stations beyond that distance.  I do have "Enable Start/End & Max Origin DX Filtering" checked.  I have verified that the spots are only from the station displayed (Display spots of xxx near 50313.0).

I do have the displayed filtered for Band and Origin and Unconfirmed.  Does that override the Max Origin DX filter?

Thanks and 73,

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