Re: Windows 10 Start menu does not list Commander

Steve K8JQ

"You can configure the Launcher to automatically start those components when it starts."

Yes, I understand that functionality and have Launcher so configured.

However, if I want to start only Commander (say, for testing purposes), Launcher in its "automatic start" configuration is cumbersome because it starts everything (i.e., everything it is configured to start). On my computer, Launcher takes 25+ seconds to get everything going and 20+ seconds to shut everything down. Inconvenient if testing only one member of the suite. This is the reason I was looking for Commander in the Windows Start menu dropdown. Is it practical for to get Commander to show up in the Windows Start menu dropdown?

Another question: The help page "file:///C:/DXLab/Launcher/Help/ControllingApplications.htm" has a section named "Group Control Buttons". That section indicates an Abort button is included in Launcher, along with Start, Minimize, Restore and Terminate. My Launcher (2.1.2) window does not have the Abort button. Should the Abort button be there?


Steve, K8JQ

On 4/5/2020 9:55 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

The Windows 10 Start menu does not list Commander (at least on my desktop computer).

The DXLabs Suite has five entries in its dropdown: DXKeeper, DXView, Pathfinder, Spot Collector and WinWarbler.

I didn't look for Commander in the Start menu dropdown prior to the recent Windows Defender snafu (which I also suffered), so I don't know if it was ever there. But for certain it is not there now.

Should Commander be in the Start menu's DXLabs Suite dropdown list?

+ The last Windows 10 machine on which I installed DXLab has an entry for "DXLab Suite" in the list of applications that appear when I click the "Window" button in the screen's lower-left corner. Beneath "DXLab Suite", entries for 7 DXLab applications are present; the Launcher is not present.

+ My advice is pin an entry for the DXLab Launcher on the Windows Task Bar, and use the Launcher to start the components of the Suite you use. You can configure the Launcher to automatically start those components when it starts.


Dave, AA6YQ

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