Re: WinWarbler - Pathfinder lookup issue

Steve K8JQ

Hello Dave,

In "Safe mode with networking" mode, the behavior of Pathfinder is no different than "normal" mode. That is, the DXKeeper => Pathfinder function works as expected while the WinWarbler => Pathfinder path is dysfunctional, placing the callsign in the field in the top row of Pathfinder's buttons but providing no data in the main part of Pathfinder.

With regard to anti-malware, I have not installed such software on this Windows 10 desktop. It has the Windows Defender software that came with the operating system. I do not know if Windows Defender has an anti-malware component.

Steve, K8JQ

On 3/31/2020 9:56 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Used to be that I could enter a callsign in the WinWarbler Call field, press the Tab key and see Pathfinder display info for the entered callsign. Something has changed in that now I see the entered callsign in the top row of fields in Pathfinder but no info is displayed in the main body of Pathfinder. How can I regain the lost functionality in Pathfinder?

The DXKeeper - Pathfinder functionality works as it long has. Entering a callsign in DXKeeper's call field and pressing the tab key results in Pathfinder properly displaying info for the entered callsign.

+ WinWarbler directs Pathfinder to perform "lookup" operations in the same way that DXKeeper does. If Pathfinder is automatically invoking its QRZ search when direct to perform a lookup by DXKeeper, the same mechanism should work with WinWarbler. Thus my first suspicion is interference from an incorrectly configured anti-malware application that is preventing WinWarbler from interoperating with Pathfinder.

+ As a first diagnostic step, please reboot Windows into "Safe mode with networking". Then start WinWarbler and Pathfinder, and see if WinWarbler can now direct Pathfinder to initiate a lookup.


                  Dave, AA6YQ

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