Re: New user with TS-890S, trouble connecting

Dave / NR1DX


Sounds like you may not have the baud rate set properly in ARCP-890 , the 890 Menu or in WIN -10/Device Manager/COM3/Properties
Contrary to Mike K9UW suggestion I would verify CAT through ARCP-890 FIRST before you tackle DXLAB/Commander Config issues. ARCP is the "native " CAT program for the radio and if you cant get it to work there  then your swimming up stream trying to do it in DXLAB.


On 3/31/2020 8:48 PM, Gerry KM1MT via Groups.Io wrote:
I have a quick update for tonight.  I uninstalled the drivers for virtual ports, then installed ARCP-890, and reinstalled the ports drivers.  Still no go.  Then I uninstalled again, and downloaded drivers directly from Silicon Labs.  Reinstalled.  Same results. It's strange, if I watch the ports in device manager, I only have COM1 before connecting the rig to USB.  As soon as I plug in the cable COM3 and COM4 pop up and both report that they are working properly.  When I start ARCP-890 it tells me that it can't connect via a USB/COM port because COM3 is unavailable.
I had a ham friend/IT & computer guru that has used DXLabs for years helping tonight too; Process Explorer only lists silabser as using COM3 and 4.  There were no hidden ports found either.
I ran out of time for tonight, but wanted to update you all. We're still working on it.  I will try another computer tomorrow to try to narrow things down.
Thanks for all the input so far, and thanks for the help tonight Ken!
Gerry KM1MT
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