Re: CQ-WPX-SSB Contest Cabrillo File and Scoring

Bill Pence

Filter the log to the contest dates before exporting the adif....

On Mon, Mar 30, 2020, 2:29 PM Jim McPhee <jmcphee@...> wrote:
I made exactly 100 QSOs during the 2020 CQ-WPX-SSB contest. My main goal was to add some ATNOs, which I was able to do. I haven't decided if I will submit my results or not. I have two questions:

1. Using the "Export Cabrillo [CQ-WPX-SSB]" option on the "Export QSOs" tab in DXKeeper, the file that is generated seems to contain all of my QSOs logged by DXKeeper since I began using it years ago. It is not limited to those logged only during the contest. Have I missed a switch or setting somewhere? (I've already edited the file, paring it down to only the 100 contest QSOs, so it's not a show stopper. I'd just like to know for future reference.) Each of the QSOs in the file contains the required exchange information.

2. Can someone recommend the best way to calculate my score? Should I import the Cabrillo, or perhaps a ADIF, into a contest logger like N1MM+, or is there a better option?

Jim McPhee
Placitas, NM

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