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Dave AA6YQ

# More AA6YQ comments below
+ OK. Where in the documentation were you first stumped?

In the doc, "", when I get to this part....

Uploading QSOs to LotW

You can upload QSOs from DXKeeper to LoTW in several ways:

* To upload a particular QSO, right-click its entry in the Log Page Display and then select the Upload to LotW command in the pop-up menu; confirm that the Station Location and Station Callsign shown to the right of Upload to LotW command are appropriate for the QSO to be uploaded.

So..when I try that...I am asking this question:

When I right-click on a log entry, and right-click: "Upload to lotw", I get this message:

"QSO was not uploaded to lotw because no lotw station location has been selected on the QSL Confirmation window lotw tab".

Any thoughts? Help is appreciated.

# In "Basic Operations" section of


# The "Uploading QSOs to LoTW" article you cite above comes after three "Initial Setup" articles.

The first of these "Initial Setup" articles is "Setting Up LoTW on your Computer":


# Did you complete each of the 4 steps described in this article?

#The second of the "Initial Setup" articles is " Configuring DXKeeper for Interaction with LotW":


# Did you step through the instructions in this article? In particular, did you perform step 3.g.ii ?


Dave, AA6YQ

On 3/30/2020 1:01 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

I reviewed said articles before I posted and I am still stumped...that's why I posed the question to the list.

+ OK. Where in the documentation were you first stumped?


Dave, AA6YQ

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