Re: Windows 10 Automatic Update Created Issue with Serial Ports


Dave (w6de)

Thanks for the information on disabling automatic driver updates.  It is good to know that the V1909 update also caused problems on more than just my system.  I have another computer that I use to monitor and record several security cameras using BlueIris software.  The Windows 10 update deleted my current BlueIris configuration file.  When BlueIris restarted after the Windows 10 update, it fell back to an older version of the configuration file.  I spent several hours trying to figure out why several of my cameras were no longer accessible!  I ended up rebuilding the configuration.  I also saved several backup copies of the corrected configuration to locations Windows cannot access!

I had read somewhere that when this update was first pushed out last year, that some systems were  experiencing data loss.  I think they stopped rolling out the update to correct the problem.  When it showed up on my system earlier this month I didn't anticipate any problems.  I guess I was wrong! 

I've now spent a lot of time documenting the hardware information of each of the serial ports should this happen again.

Thanks again to all that provided helpful information.

Fred, KC9QQ

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