Re: Windows 10 Automatic Update Created Issue with Serial Ports


Have Windows-10 stop updating device drivers automatically.

Choose the “How to stop updates for drivers with Windows Update using Group Policy” this is a little saver than editing the registry.

Follow the directions given.

I know this works for Windows-10-Pro.  If Windows-10 for Home won’t allow you to perform this group policy change, you’ll have to use the Registry Edit procedure.


Make sure your USB to serial adapter is a FTDI chip based adapter.  Also down load the FTDI driver.  And, perform the Group Policy change to keep automatic updates from overloading your FTDI driver with the Microsoft generic USB driver.


Even if you aren’t using the USB to Serial adapters, stop the automatic driver updates.


Now, having said that, with my Windows-10 update to version 1909, the V-1909 update among other things un-did that Policy Change, threw away my FTDI driver, changed all the port assignments AND screwed up my default sound card assignments.



Dave, w6de



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Thanks to everyone for the helpful information.  I will see if I can do a better job of documenting the serial port information.  I may try to if I can get details at the hardware level that I can use to identify what hardware addresses are connected to each COMM port before and after an update.  Maybe that can be used to ease the remapping.

Also, thanks for the confidence in USB to RS232  adapters.  The device I had the problem with was the USB port on the Green Heron RT11 Rotor controller.  I even installed large chunks of ferrite on the cable without success. I may try using an actual USB to RS232 adapter on the Green Heron serial port to see if that works OK within some RF.  

Thanks again for all the good advice,
Fred, KC9QQ

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