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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

After successfully printing almost a thousand QSLs using the DXKeeper's 'Print QSL cards' feature I'm now running into a problem of quality and its not a printer issue. When I view the background image BMP file with a photo viewing app, both large and small font text and the small logo lettering looks fine. But when I click on the "Print QSL Cards" button with the "Print preview (QSL cards)" box checked, the quality of the preview is much poorer and matches the poorer printed QSL card. I tried an older version of DXK and get the same results, poor quality preview and prints that match what the preview shows. At the top right of the preview the background image dimensions (pixels) reads 538 X 357, if that might be a clue to the poor quality preview. The background image BMP file is the same one that I've been using for over a year.

I love the idea of printing my own cards with QSO data as part of each personalized QSL, but the resolution of the smaller print and small logos on the cards printed by DXK is so poor that I can't use them.

Is there a parameter in the setup that I may be overlooking that may have been changed to cause this problem?

+ If you're saying that the quality of images printed on DXKeeper-generated QSL cards has degraded from what it was in the past, there has been no change to that functionality in DXKeeper for many years. If you specify a date on which you last generated images of acceptable quality, I can send you the then-public version of DXKeeper to test; that will reveal whether the degradation is a result of a subsequent change to DXKeeper or a change in your system.

+ Here's a QSL card that I generated from DXKeeper back in August 2011:


+ It's resolution is 504 x 313 - around 100 pixels per inch. If this is not sufficient for your purposes, your options are to

1. configure DXKeeper to generate an ADIF file from the QSL Queue, and use that to drive a more flexible QSL-generating application:


2. Purchase pre-printed QSL cards bearing your images, and have DXKeeper generate QSL labels that you can affix to them:



Dave, AA6yQ

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