Windows 10 Automatic Update Created Issue with Serial Ports


I don't know if any of you have experienced the issue that I ran into yesterday.  The Windows 10 desktop used for my ham shack was automatically updated to Version 1909 on March 4th.  I tried to operate my station  for the first time since the update yesterday.  I quickly discovered that Commander was not communicating with my radio.  I also found the DXView could not communicate with my Green Heron RT-11 Rotator. 

When I assembled this computer for the shack I had installed two PCI Serial Cards which gave me 8 real serial ports.  I wanted real RS-232 ports because I had experienced some issues with some USB to RS-232 adapters disconnecting during contests (sometimes requiring a reboot).  The serial ports have worked fine for the past two years until this most recent Windows 10 update.  After a bit of sleuthing I figured out that the update had re-mapped all the physical RS-232 ports to different numbers.  Also, they were not re-numbered in any logical sequence.  I was able to use a piece of software that I use with my scanner to re-identify each of the ports.  This software searches each of the ports to determine which port the scanner is connected to.  I was able to move it to each of the connectors until I had identified the COMM number for each connector.    

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this issue.  if so, is there any way to keep Windows updates from changing COMM port numbers already to assigned to physical ports?   I know this can be done with USB to RS232 converters, but it doesn't seem to work for actual serial ports.  

After a couple of hours of frustration I managed to get all the ham gear communicating with the computer again.  

Fred, KC9QQ
Fred, KC9QQ

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