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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have an SQL filter set for Mode='MSK144'

and it works fine, but it is showing Spots from EU which are not useful on 6 meters.

I tried: Mode='MSK144' AND Origin="NA-M"

...and that didn't work, spots were found.

How do I create an SQL Filter that shows only spots for MSK144 and Spots originating from USA, Canada and Mexico? (for example)

Or, I could filter by spot source, since my spots for 6m MSK144 are generated by my copy of WSJT-X.

I know I could use the Origin and Mode buttons, but I wanted a one click solution.

+ SpotCollector displays entries for active DX stations, not spots. An active DX station can be spotted from many different locations. When you filter the Spot Database Display with


+ you are saying "show me all active DX stations that have been spotted from the middle of North America". You are not saying "show me all active DX stations that have been spotted from the middle of North America and have not been spotted from anywhere else on the planet"; there is an SQL expression that would accomplish this, but it would not be useful for DXing.

+ There are several good techniques for hiding the entries of active DX stations that you probably can't hear. These techniques are described here:


+ For Es propagation on 6 meters, specifying a maximum distance between your QTH and the closest spotting station works best. I've never experienced an F2 opening on 6 meters, and have never used a meteor scatter mode on 6 meters, so I can't recommend a specific technique for those; the above article presents the available techniques.

+ If you want to "roll your own" SQL filters for this purpose, study the following Spot Database Fields in



- Distance




- SPProb, LPProb

- ActualSNR, ActualSNRMin, ActualSNRMax

+ If you discover one or more useful new techniques, please share them here!


Dave, AA6YQ

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