Re: A QSO in limbo ...

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

TQSL reported this QSO as having been previously uploaded. However, it gave me the option to upload again if there had been a server error which is what I expected had happened. I did upload my ZD8SC QSO again and in due course it appeared in my LotW list Most Recent QSOs and was properly sync d by DXKeeper.
It was good to learn that direct TQSL upload gives you the option of overriding the previously uploaded notification and allows the upload.
The DXKeeper way to do this is: QSL Config -> LotW -> Permit uploading of QSOs already uploaded to LotW.

+ Because some ops were re-submitting every QSO in their log each time they had a few new QSOs to submit to LoTW, TQSL was equipped with a database that keeps track of which QSOs you've submitted to LoTW. If any QSO in a batch was already submitted -- what older versions of TQSL refers to as "a dupe" -- then all of the QSOs in the batch are rejected.

+ There are circumstances in which a QSO submitted to LoTW either never arrives at LoTW or arrives, but isn't accepted - either due to a network failure or an LoTW failure. Mike K6MKF, it looks like that's what happened to your ZD8SC QSO.

+ Iain N6ML's recommendation above is the correct way to recover from a situation where one or more QSOs was submitted to LoTW by TQSL, but not accepted by LoTW. Step-by-step instructions are here:



Dave, AA6YQ

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