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Dave / NR1DX

I think I would start by making a "Help Ticket" to the  LOTW desk at ARRL

Tell them you uploaded a    QSO that is not in the LOTW log ( give them the QSO details) and that your logging software wont let you do it again because it thinks it went up. They may be able to manually load it?


On 3/24/2020 9:48 AM, Mike Flowers wrote:

Hi All,

I have created a puzzlement for myself, and I’d like so guidance on how to solve it.

I logged ZD8SC last night on 20M FT8 and uploaded that log record to LotW as the last one in a batch of logged QSOs.  I like to keep current with LotW.  All processed normally.

After a few minutes I checked to see if the latest batch of logged QSOs had been updated in LotW and they appeared to have been. In DXKeeper I performed ‘Sync LotW QSOs’, then ‘Sync LotW QSLs’.  All seemed to go well.

When I revisited LotW and looked at the results of the ‘Most Recent QSOs’ I discovered that the ZD8SC QSO was not in the list. In DXKeeper that log entry’s LotW Send = U, so DXKeeper marked it as uploaded.

I thought I could fix this be simply editing the ZD8SC log entry to LotW Send = R and uploading to LotW again.  But DXKeeper reports that QSO is a dupe.

LotW has been having some problems lately, so perhaps my ZD8SC QSO is in some sort of processing limbo.

I would appreciate some guidance on how to resolve my dilemma.


*- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF <>, NCDXC <> Secretary*

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