A QSO in limbo ...

Mike Flowers

Hi All,


I have created a puzzlement for myself, and I’d like so guidance on how to solve it.


I logged ZD8SC last night on 20M FT8 and uploaded that log record to LotW as the last one in a batch of logged QSOs.  I like to keep current with LotW.  All processed normally.


After a few minutes I checked to see if the latest batch of logged QSOs had been updated in LotW and they appeared to have been.   In DXKeeper I performed ‘Sync LotW QSOs’, then ‘Sync LotW QSLs’.  All seemed to go well.


When I revisited LotW and looked at the results of the ‘Most Recent QSOs’ I discovered that the ZD8SC QSO was not in the list.   In DXKeeper that log entry’s LotW Send = U, so DXKeeper marked it as uploaded. 


I thought I could fix this be simply editing the ZD8SC log entry to LotW Send = R and uploading to LotW again.  But DXKeeper reports that QSO is a dupe.


LotW has been having some problems lately, so perhaps my ZD8SC QSO is in some sort of processing limbo.


I would appreciate some guidance on how to resolve my dilemma.




- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary


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