Re: Challenge

Dave AA6YQ

Your screen shot shows that both the "Award Progress" panel and the generated report are showing your 15 worked-but-unconfirmed Entities on 20m.

Changing the Band selector will enable you to produce similar reports for each band of interest.

What information are you seeking that DXKeeper is not providing?

The information in the "Award Progress" panel is present in your log's Progress table. If you want to explore this, make a copy of your log, and then direct Excel to open the copy's Progress table. Directly opening one of your log's tables with Excel can result in a log file that DXKeeper can no longer open.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Here are the screen shots. As you can see I do all the logging on windows and RDP to it from my Linux machine.

Is there a way to print/export that matrix to a text file?



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