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Mike Flowers

The LotW support folks have been doing maintenance on the site and the supporting processes recently.   For a while, the “Find Call” feature within LotW was busted.   I’m sure the trouble ticket I put in joined hundreds of others already with them.  This problem was soon resolved.


QRZ.COM had to make some script changes after the LotW download API apparently changed slightly.  DXKeeper complained during LotW sync operations for a while, then everything settled down


Many folks tend to think of LotW, Club Log, QRZ.COM, etc.  as these constant and unchanging sites and services.  In fact, these services struggle constantly with interface, performance and scaling issues. 


I am very grateful that Dave has provided in DXKeeper a means by which I can keep my log accurately and securely, so that I can wait out the inevitable periodic instabilities of external services.


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary


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Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 08:49
Subject: Re: [DXLab] Something going on at LotW ...


I have seen something like this sporadically during the past couple of weeks.

When I click on "Sync LotW QSLs". usually the "Checking LotW QSL Data" message window: "Downloading QSL data from LotW, Attempting to access LotW (58 seconds remaining)" appears. Normally it sits there and waits for several seconds with the "not responding" note in the title bar before the data is received and the thermometer display shows progress in updating the log.

Sometimes, however, the normal window is very quickly replaced by another similar message window that says "LotW is accessible, downloading QSL information", followed immediately by an error message from DXKeeper that says "Unable to download from LotW: invalid request". Retrying right away usually fails in the same way, but trying again a minute or two later seems to restore normal operation. Login to LotW from a browser seems fine, i.e. I see no obvious evidence of unusual problems at the LotW web site other than the anomalous behaviour in DXKeeper.

There is no indication in DXKeeper's LogError.txt file. My "LotW_QSLs_ADI.txt" and "LotW_QSLs_ADI_results.txt" files have been overwritten by a more recent successful sync operation, but if it happens again I will check those in case they reveal anything useful.

Rich VE3KI

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 08:21 AM, Jeff Otterson wrote:

I'm seeing this in DXKeeper 15.4.6 today.  One window says "LotW is accessible, downloading QSO information" but the other popup says "Unable to download from LotW: invalid request".

Jeff n1kdo

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