Unable to Resize Some DXLab Windows in Windows 10

Darrell Drake

I don't know if this has been addressed before, and I'm posting here in the event someone else has had this problem
and could possibly shed some light on it.
I cannot resize the following program windows: Commander, DXView, DXKeeper, and Propview.
Spotcollector and Winwarbler are O.K.
I am mostly concerned with not being able to resize the DXKeeper window as the entire bottom portion is not visible (Filter, etc).
I know it's not a DXLabs problem because all DXLab windows are resizable on my two other machines, both laptops, which are
running Windows XP and Windows 7.
The problem is on my Windows 10 Home Edition laptop.
Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thx.
73, Darrell,

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