Re: User Definied Fields

John VK7IO

In Config, Log Page Display, the field is APP_DXKeeper_USER_DEFINED_0 and the Caption is VK SHIRE. This same adif file from the contest logging program imported into my previous logging program OK with the User Definied Field called VK SHIRE.

<Call:5>VK4SN <QSO_Date:8>20190608 <Time_On:6>063116 <Band:3>40m <Freq:1>7 <Mode:3>SSB <RST_Sent:2>59 <RST_Rcvd:2>59 <STX_STRING:3>WT7 <SRX_STRING:3>LV4 <Eor>
STX_STRING was my "number", but the one I want in the field is SRX_STRING, the other persons exchange in the contest.
Maybe for this contest, which is once a year, I can do a find and replace SRX_STRING to VK SHIRE after the adif file is made, just for importing into DXK. (No, tried it, didn't work).
Catherine VK7GH

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