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I want to control my Icom IC-R30 fro doppler shift via CI-V (CAT) for satellite operation. This radio is already 18 months on the market but during this time I have not found anything that supports this radio. Can someone help me out?

+ I downloaded and reviewed the IC-R30 instruction manual from


+ I found no indication in the manual that this receiver can be controlled by an application running on a computer.

* Peter N5UWY sent me the "Advanced" manual for the Icom IC-R30, which documents its CI-V instruction set.

* Ron ON2RON, if basic control and tracking of frequency and mode is (without doppler shift) is of use to you, please do the following:

1. Direct the DXLab Launcher to download and install Commander

2. using a text editor, open the file Radios.txt in your Commander folder

3. insert this line of text

radio=IIC-R30, Address=9C, Split=F, FilterGroups=F, VFOSel=F, VFOEqual=F, VFOExchange=F, MainSubSel=T, RTTY=F, Smeter=T

after the line that begins


4. save the change to Radios.txt

5. start Commander, and configure it as described in


* In step 3.a, set the Model selector to IC-R30.

* Does Commander track and control your R30's frequency and mode?


Dave, AA6YQ

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